Artiste Peintre

A self-taught painter from the North of England, John Scott lives and works in the Auvergne region of France. He paints the world around him in the landscapes and villages of the region with a palette of oil paints that leans heavily on earth and ochre tones. He tends to search for a motif and then paint in series. The Gallery section includes examples of recent work.. His work is exhibited in a variety of salons and exhibitions across France each year, as well as being permanently on display in his studio gallery in Vernassal.

In 2022 he had a major solo exhibition in Le Puy en Velay on the subject of churches of the Haute Loire (see links page for short video of this exhibition) which was described by a critic as follows:

A set of works of churches and chapels of Haute-Loire, nestled in the heart of villages and towns.........Like a documentary filmmaker, the artist seems to reveal a waiting life, charged with an invisible past......(The paintings have) a sadness imbued with nostalgia, as well as a calm and deep intensity

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